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Music Director/Organist Job Description

Purpose: It is the responsibility of the Music Director to create an appropriate musical setting for the worship of God.

Minimum Qualifications: The Music Director shall have a demonstrated ability to conduct music and have a functional knowledge of traditional and new Christian music.

Knowledge, Abilities and Skills: Basic music teaching capabilities; ability to control and lead groups of musical performers; ability to initiate cooperation and creativity among participants; adequate knowledge of Christian religion, its practices and musical traditions.

Illustration of Duties: Performance: Play and direct music for regular Sunday 10:00 AM worship service and for additional special services as may be planned for Christmas, Palm and Easter Sundays, Lenten Services, as well as other occasions as specified by the Pastor. Play for and conduct a weekly choir rehearsal and Sunday warm-up prior to the worship service; arrange for soloists, whenever possible, during the summer months when the choir does not participate. Arrange for substitute organist when necessary, and during the summer.

Administrative: Meet with Pastor, after Worship Team meetings, to plan for the music during services; recruit and select new Senior Choir members; keep in contact with choir members to maintain their continuing participation and interest; engender goal of Christian fellowship and service in the choir; keep proper lists of choir members; provide an opportunity for non-choir members to express themselves vocally or instrumentally in a manner appropriate to our Christian faith.

Maintenance: Maintain the music library and purchase music as needed within the limits of the church music budget; oversee the use and maintenance of the organ and piano.

Supervision Received: The Music Director/Organist is responsible for the musical operations of the church under the supervision of the Pastor. Formal evaluation will occur once a year by a member of the Staff/Pastor Parish Relations Committee.

Work Hours: The Music Director/Organist works independently of a time schedule outside of the aforementioned set scheduled events (i.e. Sunday and special services, rehearsal, etc.). Weekly preparation time is about 6 hours.

Salary commensurate with experience. Please e-mail your resume to: in care of Staff/Pastor Parish Relations Committee.